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Becoming a HKliving dealer
If you are interested in stocking HKliving products, please go to and click on ‘dealer login’. Please then complete the "Information Request" form and submit. Your application will be reviewed within 3-5 business days and the agent or distributor in your country will respond by email. Once approved you will then be send the relevant trade information.

HKliving for styling and projects
HKliving strengths not only reside in furniture and textiles, but also in the smaller accessories that can make all the difference in a hotel interior, an office, a restaurant or cafe. If you’re interested in buying from HKliving for projects, please then complete the "Information Request" form and submit. Your application will be reviewed within 3-5 business days. The agent or distributor in your country will respond by email and will inform you about the possibilities and terms & conditions. 

HKliving publishes a new catalogue with a wide range of new collection items once a year in August. In January we launch a smaller catalogue with a smaller range of new products, the so-called Spring Additions. The HKliving collection currently contains around 700 items, of which most remain in the collection for at least one year, many items remain in the collection for much longer. Many basics and HKliving classics are in the collection for years!

Handmade and natural materials
Due to the handmade nature and use of natural materials for our products, each item is unique and no two are the same. We value craftmanship and natural materials and therefore don’t see this as imperfections, but believe this is proof of its uniqueness and adds to the beauty and charm of our products.


The entire HKliving collection is presented in our showroom in Dronten, The Netherlands and visitors are most welcome to come and have a look for themselves! If you would like to come visit us, please contact our Customer Service at +31 (0) 321 382 631 or to book an appointment.


N.B. Some of our agents or distributors have a showroom in the country they represent. Please contact the agent or distributor in your country to find out more.

Twice a year (January and September), we present our collection at the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris, France. In addition to the Maison & Objet trade fair our agents also present HKliving on other trade shows in various countries. Please ask the agent or distributor in your country for more information.

Customer serviceFor questions or feedback about any of our products or a new/pending order, please contact the agent or distributor in your country (See webpage: Contact

Social Media
HKLiving is a community! We work with manufacturers, craftspeople, agents and distributors worldwide. We also like to interact and keep in touch with our fans! Want to stay up-to-date? Follow us on:


Instagram: @hkliving


We do not offer exclusivity to our customers, but do take care in building our distribution network and carefully work with our existing dealers as well as new dealers in a way that we believe is most beneficial for all parties. This means that we take amongst others geographical location and target audience into account when reviewing applications. If you have multiple stores we will therefore review if a dealership is possible for each location.



Online sales are only acceptable after approval. We already supply a large number of online retailers, and so we will carefully look at your webshop to see if there are possibilities. 


Please note that online sales using third parties are prohibited!

Minimum Order

The minimum order value for the first order is € 1000, - (excluding VAT). All items should be ordered in relevant pack quantities or we reserve the right to amend to the nearest multiple. The MOQ for each item is specified on our website (after login) under the detailed product information of the relevant product and on our pricelist.

Shipping costs - Pallet deliveries


Carriage free delivery: deliveries of €1000, - or more within the designated* EU countries.

Deliveries up to €1000,- :

Belgium/Germany: €50,- Only pallet orders with a wholesale value of more than €250,- can be send.


Designated EU countries* (excl. Belgium and Germany): €50,- Only pallet orders with a wholesale value of more than €500,- can be send.

Other EU countries: Ex Works or shipping costs can be calculated on request.

Shipping costs - Parcels (< 30 kg / max. 60 x 50 cm)


€ 10,-

Rest of designated EU countries*

€ 25,-


€ 10,-


On request

Contact the headquarters, agent or distributor in your country for more information and/or shipping costs outside the designated countries* and outside the EU.  

Note: The above applies to both stock and back orders. Please note that there may be additional charges for delivery of large item furniture pieces and/or to an island.

Delivery time

We aim to ship 80% of orders within 3-5 business days from when the packing order has been raised.  


Packing orders are raised as soon as the proforma payments have arrived into our bank account, unless otherwise agreed. Please note that it may take several days for international transfers to arrive.


Most deliveries require a signature on delivery, so please ensure someone is available to sign for the delivery at the delivery address provided.

Stock Level
The handmade nature of our products may mean that, at times, items can be temporarily out of stock. We support fair trade and only source from suppliers who manufacture under fair circumstances and with realistic timelines. If a product is out of stock, we will let you know and provide an expected availability date. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Payment Terms

Belgium/Germany: payment terms are pro forma on your first order. After the first order we will invoice you after delivery and you will get a 30 days credit account.


Other countries: payment terms are pro forma. You may apply for a 30 days credit account, subject to approval. To apply, please contact your contact person / agent.


Recommended retail prices

We strongly recommend our dealers to follow the retail prices as stated on our website (after login) and price lists. This to protect our brand.


First order

Please place your first order by email through the agent or distributor who represents your country. You will subsequently receive an order confirmation with the expected stock dates as soon as possible. Once you have reviewed and confirmed that you are happy with the order confirmation, we will raise the pro forma invoice.

Dealer login

After placing the first order (by email), you will receive login details (username and password) for our dealer webshop at After logging in you can use ‘My HKliving’ to access your personal information and modify, view your order history and invoices. You can also download via the 'Press Room' product and style images.


With your login you can place your next orders online, view pricing information and stock availability. Experiencing trouble logging in? Please contact our customer services at +31 (0) 321 382 631 or

Once an order has shipped, we will invoice the delivered items. The moment you get your invoice in your mailbox, you know your order has been shipped. Please note it can take 1-4 working days before the shipment arrives.


Unavailable items will be placed on a back order. When a back order is back in stock and the order value of the items in stock is higher than € 1000, - then we can ship this order, without consultation. Please note: this only applies if the order has been paid.


If you wish to change quantities or add to your back order at any time to take advantage of free delivery or if you wish to cancel your back order at any point, please let your contact person / agent or distributor know.

For shipping costs applicable to the back order, please see Terms & Conditions – Shipping costs.

Damaged and/or incomplete orders
Each order is carefully checked before shipment. Should you experience any quality or quantity issues with your delivery, then please contact your contact person/agent within 5 working days with the details.  We will look at this on a case-by-case basis and together we can provide a suitable solution.


HKliving B.V.

Phone number: +31 (0)321 382 631



Address showroom/office/warehouse: De Dieze 2, 8253 PS Dronten, Netherlands


VAT NO: NL851020471B01


IBAN: NL86INGB0006798948



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